Picking your domain name using a promo code for domain registration is just as important as selecting your actual company name. It is essential that you choose the right name for your business if you want to boost your sales and have brand recognition. And if your company will be in for the long haul, you should pick the one that best suits your brand.

If you do not have any idea on what domain to use when you build a website for your company, here are practical tips that you can consider:

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Make it as easy to remember as possible

You should always aim for brand recognition. You cannot have a lot of customers searching for your company if the name that you use is weareacompanythatsellsandretailseverythingfromtoiletstofurniture.com.  This is just too long and too hard to remember. As new customers, they will not bother reminding themselves of your domain name.

How about making it simple? Try toiletstofurniture.com. The words are easy enough to remember. Even if they just saw your domain name at some advertisement published online, customers will not have a difficult time recalling the name of your company.

Use target keywords

websiteSearch engine optimization is the name of the game with regard to highly searchable keywords. When you want your company to pop up in the top five pages of Google or any other search engine, you should make your domain name as close as possible to your target keywords. If you sell Amsterdam holiday tours, then a good domain name would be Amsterdam Tours or Amsterdam tour bus map. If you offer boat rental in Amsterdam, you can use Rent A Boat Amsterdam.

The difficulty that you will have with this technique is that a lot of people already targeted the same keywords that you want to use. So either you pick another set of keywords or you buy the domain name. Some companies make money by buying a lot of domain names and reselling them at a steeper price. So even if you use agoda booking discount code, the rates would still be a bit higher.


Do not use hyphens and numbers

Unless you have an established brand which uses symbols and numbers on their company name, it is a lot safer to use the ones which do not have any of them. Names with numbers and hyphens are too tough to remember. They also do not look as good as domain names with no symbols or numbers.

4 thoughts on “How to Pick Your Domain Name?

  1. You should also see the competitors’ names online. See if they are too close to your name or not. If you want to create a brand website, then it is probably best to make a unique one. But for affiliate sites, it would be best to choose the one that is nearest to your target keywords.

  2. Thanks for the content. I think most business owners who are building a website will spend hours or even days just looking for the perfect domain name for their company. I would recommend just listing the ones that you like and trying them all. See if it looks good on a domain name plus the extension name.

  3. Another technique that you can add to the list is choosing the right extension name. The .com extension can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This is rightfully so because people automatically recognizes .com as a URL that they can use and click on. But you can also use other ones, particularly those linking to your local country code.

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